Net Annual

What is the TRUE net rental value on my property?

IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Most Landlords are told the estimated rental value of their property before fees, VAT & costs are deducted.

Seldom do traditional agents quote the amount of rent that a landlord will actually receive nor do they warn them about the unforeseen costs such as dreaded void periods, non-payment of rent or legal costs.

Our Guaranteed Rent scheme not only provides a figure upon which you can rely, but also protects you against these unforeseen costs or loss of income if things go wrong. Remember, we manage the property too so you will need to input the commission for a managed service rather than just a tenant find or ‘let only.’

Obviously we will need to see your property before we can provide our Guaranteed Rent quote, however over 90% of our landlords are better off using our method.

To discover how much rent you will actually receive using a traditional scheme through another agent, use our calculator by clicking Start Start